The pricing provided is specifically for Miami-Dade County. If you are located outside this area or have a different project type, we kindly ask you to request a free quote. This will enable us to provide you with accurate pricing tailored to your specific location and project requirements.

E-Commerce Production

Boost your sales conversions with our e-commerce production service, specializing in creating natural and relatable videos that resonate with your audience.


For personalized production requests tailored to your specific needs, please reach out to us for a free quote. We’re here to bring your unique vision to life with our customized media production solutions.

Online Course Creation

Unlock your personal brand’s full potential with our specialized media production service. We help you leverage your knowledge and expertise to establish authority across the web, positioning you as an influential figure. By creating engaging content and strategic promotion, we empower you to effectively sell your paid products, expanding your reach and driving conversions. Take control of your personal brand and achieve success in the digital realm.

Small Business Production

Capture the attention of your ideal audience who recognize the value you provide and are willing to invest more in your offerings. With our photo and video production service, we leverage media to amplify your message a thousandfold, attracting and engaging your target customers, and driving significant sales conversions.

    Company Training Videos

    Upgrade your employee training with our comprehensive and friendly professional videos. We educate your staff on company protocols, ensuring compliance and reducing the risk of costly mistakes, lawsuits, and legal damages. Say goodbye to hiring instructors and HR personnel, saving time and costs. Experience effective and hassle-free training today!

      Lifestyle Content + Short Form Reels

      Elevate your personal brand with our dynamic social media content creation service. Through captivating lifestyle photography and engaging short-form video reels, we create awareness and build your online presence. Establish yourself as an influential figure, leveraging your expertise to position yourself as a trusted authority. Harness the full potential of your personal brand and dominate the digital landscape.

      Real Estate Production

      Elevate your real estate listings and establish your personal brand across social media. Our premier media production service showcases your properties in the best possible spotlight, while building trust and authority for your personal brand among your target audience. Through captivating photos and videos, we create a compelling narrative that attracts potential clients, helping you acquire future listings and achieve significant sales conversions.

        Event Media Coverage

        Maximize the impact of your event with our expert event coverage service. We strategically capture the highlights, allowing you to leverage the content across social media. By cross-collaborating with all your guests, we help you reach a wider audience and raise awareness effectively.


          Pre Production Services

          • Digital Casting
          • Influencer Marketing
          • Location Scouting
          • Prop Rentals
          • Hiring Crew
          • Scripting
          • Coaching

          Video Production Services

          • Explainer Videos
          • Training Videos
          • Testimonial Videos
          • Promotional Videos
          • Product Demo Videos
          • Brand Message Videos
          • Social Media Videos
          • Event Video Coverage

          Post Production Services

          • Short Form Video Editing
          • Long Form Video Editing
          • Repurposing Video Content
          • Photoshop: Pure Whitebackground Clipping
          • Photoshop: Retouching + Blemish Removal
          • Photoshop: Color Swaps

          Photography Services

          • Event Coverage
          • Portrait Photography
          • Model Studio Photography
          • Model Lifestyle Photography
          • Model White Background
          • Product Lifestyle Photography
          • Product White Background
          • Creative Product Photography


          Web Design + Development

          Specialized in Static Websites

          • DIVI / WordPress
          • Brand Identity
          • Hosting Included
          • WooCommerce Setup
          • Stripe/Paypal Integration
          • CRM Integration
          • Mailchimp Integration
          • Admin Login Portal
          • Stock Image Curation
          • Mobile Responsiveness
          • Graphic Design

          Marketing & Advertising

          • Platform Optimization
          • Google Maps Setup
          • Lead Magnet Creation
          • Facebook Ads Setup
          • YouTube Ads Setup
          • Google Ads Setup
          • Web Funnel Setup
          • E-Mail Follow Up Automation
          • Retargeting Ads Setup

          Business Hours:
          Monday - Friday 10AM to 6PM
          Based in MIAMI BEACH, FL

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