Project: Nadia Carpio

Strategic Brand Collaboration: Captivating Lifestyle Photography with a Fitness Trainer


Lifestyle Photography
Photo Editing


In this case study, we partnered with Nadia Carpio, a professional personal fitness trainer, to embark on an exciting collaboration centered around the fashion concept clothing line, MoneymakerIsland. This urban lifestyle brand embodies a powerful message that success knows no boundaries, regardless of one’s origin. To capture the essence of this brand, we embarked on a captivating photo shoot, venturing into abandoned urban locations like the military ocean terminal in Bayonne, New Jersey—a site untouched for decades, exuding raw grit and authenticity.

Throughout the project, we extended our collaboration to include professional fitness content for Nadia herself. Our aim was to leverage social media platforms to promote her exceptional personal training services and attract potential sponsorships from companies like Gatorade, showcasing her talent through carefully crafted media content. The results were outstanding, leaving both parties delighted with the successful shoot and the remarkable exposure and content it brought.

In conclusion, this lifestyle photography project not only encapsulated the true spirit of MoneymakerIsland but also highlighted Nadia Carpio’s dedication to perseverance, grit, and success in her personal training journey.

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