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Elevating a Men’s Suit Store: Transformative Media Strategy for Mass Exposure


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Enzo Custom was a specialized store that focused on creating custom men’s suits of exceptional quality at an amazing price. The client approached us to develop content for their upcoming men’s suit line and apparel products. This involved capturing white background photos for e-commerce, studio photos featuring influential models, and lifestyle content showcasing their business environment. Our goal was to demonstrate the daily operations, customer interactions, and highlight the expertise of their employees to emphasize that Enzo Custom was more than just a regular suit shop—it was an experience.

For several months, we worked closely with Enzo Custom, visiting their showroom weekly to document the sales process with different customers. We recorded the interactions, ensuring we captured every detail of the process. Our purpose was to provide potential customers a glimpse of the personalized experience they could expect, the knowledge and attention to detail exhibited by the staff, and how they truly valued each customer’s unique story to deliver exceptional results.

The result of our collaboration was an extensive supply of photo and video content for their 2018 summer collection. Enzo Custom utilized this content to raise brand awareness, build trust, and establish credibility with consumers by offering them an authentic behind-the-scenes look at what they could anticipate.

Location Photography

To truly showcase the Enzo experience, we opted for an authentic approach: featuring real customers who visited the store to purchase custom suits, completely unscripted. We made several visits to the showroom, ensuring we captured a variety of shots that truly reflected the genuine interactions and experiences of these customers.

Video Production

During our video production sessions, our main objective was to capture the complete process from start to finish. We strived for an unscripted and authentic feel, providing subtle guidance rather than rigid directions. In addition to creating the Enzo experience videos, we worked closely with the staff to film additional content, including informative Q&A sessions, behind-the-scenes footage highlighting the process, promotional materials, and more. Our goal was to generate a substantial amount of content during our collaboration, enabling Enzo Custom to effectively leverage it across social media platforms.

Video Production: Testimonials + Business Experience Videos

Our testimonial customer experience video production service creates authentic and engaging videos showcasing the unique perspectives and voices of satisfied customers. By sharing these videos on their website and social media channels, Enzo Custom established themselves as a trusted and reputable brand in the industry.

Video Production: Customer Experience Videos

Customer experience videos are an excellent way to showcase your business’s unique process and prepare customers for what to expect. By visualizing themselves engaging with your business as a satisfied customer, they can better understand and appreciate your products or services. Additionally, creating a level of transparency and social proof can be achieved by leveraging recognizable people, such as influencers.

Video Production: Meet the Team + What to Expect Videos

Meet the team experience videos are a great way to familiarize people with your staff and create a closer connection. Sharing how the process looks and what they could expect creates a layer of transparency and answers many people’s questions. These videos provide a personal touch and help build relationships between the viewer and the company.

Video Production: Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ Videos

Creating FAQ videos is an effective way to scale your business and save time and costs from having your employees constantly repeating the same information over the phone. Additionally, it is a great way to create content for social media and personalize your business to answer all of your potential customers’ questions.

White Background Photography

We conducted dedicated studio sessions with professional models to showcase the new Enzo summer collection against a pristine white background. These meticulously captured images were purposefully crafted for Enzo’s ecommerce website, offering potential customers the convenience of examining each outfit’s intricate details. By prominently featuring these thoughtfully curated images on the website’s pages, we provided visitors with a clear and focused view of the clothing and fabric materials. Our aim was to empower potential customers to immerse themselves in the imagery, enabling them to appreciate the nuanced elements and textures of every garment in exquisite detail.

Lifestyle Photography

On separate dates, we took the opportunity to photograph the models at the iconic New York City Highline. This location offered a diverse range of modern and urban backdrops in close proximity, bathed in beautiful natural lighting. By utilizing this dynamic setting, we were able to capture captivating images that seamlessly blended the models with the vibrant atmosphere of the Highline.

Commercial Photography

During an exciting project, we were granted a quick production shoot at The Skylark, a premier NYC rooftop lounge. However, we had to face two significant challenges: shooting in the early morning and having a strict time limit of just 2 hours. Despite the obstacles, we were determined to capture the breathtaking view of the NYC skyline. With innovation and creativity, I strategically placed a remote flash speedlite directly in front of the talent, set to its maximum power, and adjusted the exposure settings to their lowest point. All the images were captured in RAW mode, allowing for proper exposure of the background while keeping the talent illuminated from the front. The post-processing phase revealed all the intricate details initially hidden in the dark images. In the end, we successfully overcame the exposure challenge and achieved our desired results, capturing both the captivating skyline and the talent with clarity and precision.

Post Production

The majority of the content we produced for this project was spontaneous and unscripted, often captured on the go. However, this approach necessitated extensive post-production efforts. We dedicated considerable time to editing, which involved tasks such as removing wrinkles, blemishes, and addressing issues like blown-out shiny skin. Additionally, we meticulously sifted through hours of footage, meticulously selecting and refining the best moments. The final result, encompassing both the photos and videos, required a significant amount of work behind the scenes to ensure the quality and visual appeal you see today.

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