Project: RWC – Nadia Carpio

Resilience Reborn: A Female Personal Trainer’s Journey at Rapha Wellness Center


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We were delighted to collaborate with Nadia Carpio, a professional personal trainer who worked in multiple local gyms in town. Inviting her to experience Rapha Wellness Center and share her thoughts with her audience was a perfect match. Nadia’s enthusiasm and positive attitude during the on-camera shoots made the collaboration enjoyable. Moreover, her clientele of women aged 35 to 45-plus, striving for health and wellness, aligned perfectly with our target audience. Her endorsement added valuable credibility and resonated well with our potential clients seeking to be healthy and look their best.

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Rapha Wellness Festival Promotion

During a separate day, we had the pleasure of meeting Nadia for a lifestyle photography shoot at the park. Our aim was to create promotional graphics for her upcoming high-intensity workout class at the Rapha Wellness Festival. Additionally, we crafted engaging Instagram stories for Nadia to share with her audience, generating mass awareness and exposure for the event. The collaboration proved successful, reaching a vast audience, and in return for this partnership, Nadia received physical therapy and massage services at our office. The mutual exchange brought immense value to both parties, further strengthening our bond with the community.

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