Project: Missoni Baia (Pre-Construction)

Elevating Sales and Branding through Pre-Construction Luxury Glimpse


Video Editing


In 2021, I had an incredible opportunity to create engaging content in Miami with my friend Mikhail Mudrik. We visited Missoni Baia, a luxurious new development, to shoot a quick video showcasing their model showroom. Additionally, while he was conducting a showing with his clients interested in purchasing luxury homes, I suggested capturing content like Q&A sessions, testimonials, and documenting their real estate transaction experience.

The primary goal was to give the audience insight into what Missoni Baia offered and generate pre-construction inquiries, while also bolstering Mikhail’s personal brand on social media with regular content updates.

This experience allowed us to connect with the audience on a more personal level, sharing not only our own routines but also offering a glimpse into the exciting future of luxury living in Miami.

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