Steven Diaz, Mortgage Banker

“Hey I’m Steven Diaz!

And last year I was trying to sell my house. I never worked with a production company before but I work in real estate, so I know the difference between taking small photos, with dim lighting, to video, a drone, full 3D walkthrough. I wanted the whole thing. I wanted to really push the marketing on selling my home.

I got so many compliments on my photos, my videos, I got an offer within five days of those photos posting, for $70,000 OVER ASKING!

And I believe 100% it was because of the production. They came in, they did their job, and I got my finished product in three days. There’s nobody better than Mike at Super Media. He is effective, he is clear, his direction is impeccable. If I was selling a home or if any of my friends are selling a home, he is the first person I am going to call, 100%.

He’s going to make you look like a BOSS.”