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Transforming a Moving Company: Cost Savings, Compliance, and YouTube Success with Training Videos


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Entrepreneur Yuri Kuts approached our team with a specific goal in mind: to produce a series of educational training videos for his $5 million moving and trucking company. The objective was to showcase his effective work processes, ensure company compliance, and help employees avoid costly mistakes unknowingly made.

Over the course of a year, we traveled to Chicago multiple times to capture additional video content that covered topics such as furniture packing techniques, safe transportation practices, and legal compliance measures to guarantee customer satisfaction. In parallel, we focused on building Yuri Kuts’ personal brand on YouTube, employing compelling thumbnails and search engine optimized descriptions to organically rank his content.

The primary benefit of creating these training videos was the significant cost savings associated with eliminating the need for an instructor and training facility. Employees could conveniently watch the videos, getting up to speed on company protocols without incurring any additional expenses beyond the initial production investment. This enabled Yuri Kuts to allocate crucial resources towards more essential training and activities. Furthermore, the training videos played a pivotal role in preventing costly legal errors, penalties, and customer refunds resulting from insufficient employee training.

Through our collaboration, Yuri Kuts’ YouTube channel has garnered over 100,000 views and cultivated a devoted base of subscribers. Our company training videos have equipped his employees with fundamental knowledge, allowing them to begin their roles fully prepared without the need for extensive time and financial investments in basic training.

In summary, this case study highlights our successful partnership with Yuri Kuts in creating educational training videos. By leveraging these videos, Yuri Kuts has achieved remarkable results, saving costs on traditional training methods, establishing a strong online presence, and ensuring his employees are well-equipped from day one.

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