Project: YAD Electronics

From Wholesale to Worldwide: Unlocking Profit Potential through E-commerce Expansion


Web Design + Development
E-Commerce Setup
E-Mail Marketing System
Video Production
Facebook Ads
Product Data Entry
Graphic Design
Facebook Ads
Photo Editing
Video Editing


YAD Electronics was a client specializing in used smartphone electronics wholesale. With much success over the last decade, they primarily worked through word of mouth and personal relationships.

However, we proposed the idea of opening up an e-commerce website, which would bring in a whole new stream of revenue. By selling in lower quantity sizes, such as 10 iPhones instead of 100, they could enjoy higher profit margins similar to retail. Additionally, this approach would allow us to track all of their marketing and advertising efforts and narrow down on specific audiences and regions that were driving their sales.

This scalable approach proved to be a significant improvement over traditional methods such as word of mouth, knocking on doors, and printing flyers. With the help of our agency, YAD Electronics was able to successfully establish their online presence and increase their revenue potential.

Building Trust with Social Proof:

 To build credibility, we prominently displayed recognized product brand logos on the website. This helped instill confidence in visitors and conveyed the brand’s association with trusted names. Additionally, we highlighted the company’s history and included trusted seller logo icons, further enhancing trust and credibility.

Personalized Branding for Differentiation:

To stand out from competitors, we created a visually appealing product template. It featured wholesale graphics of crates alongside product images, indicating that the brand sells in larger quantities. Each product image displayed a quantity number and prominently showcased the Yad Electronics branding. This unique presentation helped the brand differentiate itself and gain customer attention.

Capturing Visitor Information:

To nurture customer relationships, we made it mandatory for visitors to register in order to view pricing information. This allowed us to capture valuable contact information and establish direct communication channels for future marketing efforts. By capturing visitor information, we could provide targeted promotions and drive repeat visits and sales.

Custom Product Template:

By implementing a professional template, our client gained the flexibility to shoot candid photos using their iPhone. With the template readily available, they could easily plug these photos into the designated spaces, eliminating the need to wait for professional photography production. This efficient approach allowed them to showcase their products quickly on the website, ensuring a seamless and timely sales process. The combination of candid photos and the visually appealing template enhanced the brand’s authenticity and helped attract customer attention, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Video Production + Facebook Ads

Our focus was on producing an engaging promotional video for OEM Apple iPhone chargers, one of our client’s best-selling products. The video aimed to showcase the superior quality of these chargers in comparison to knockoff brands. Leveraging the power of social media, we strategically set up the videos as Facebook ads through their sister company, JAM Wholesale, to maximize exposure and reach the target audience effectively.

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