Project: The Wash

Driving Success: Elevating a Local Car Wash with Professional Imagery and Lifestyle Photography


Discovery + Research
Visual Strategy
Lifestyle Photography
Photo Editing


A local car wash specializing in full-service luxury car detailing approached us with the desire to set themselves apart from their competitors through striking imagery.

During discussions with the owner, we learned about their sleek and modern car wash and their aspiration to convey a cooler atmosphere through visuals. Conducting thorough research, we observed that most local car washes were relying on unprofessional customer iPhone images, presenting an opportunity to stand out. By incorporating Lifestyle photography into the project, we aimed to elevate their brand above the competition. Following the photoshoot, the client experienced a noticeable increase in online traffic to their website, along with improved visibility on platforms like Google and Yelp.

The high-quality images not only enhanced their web presence but also provided valuable social media content and marketing collateral for future promotions, reinforcing their position as a top-tier car wash in the region.

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