Project: The Mortgage Dad

Authenticity Redefined: Elevating Your Mortgage Brand with Lifestyle Photography


Lifestyle Photography
Photo Editing


We collaborated with Manuel, aka “The Mortgage Dad,” a professional licensed real estate broker based in New Jersey, to create lifestyle personal branding content for his Instagram and social media profiles. Our aim was to infuse a personal touch into his online presence, allowing him to connect more authentically with his audience and stand out from the crowd of other mortgage professionals.

Instead of the standard Suit and Tie, we wanted to showcase Manuel as a relatable everyday guy—a laid-back, cool, and approachable dad. By capturing photo and video content that showcased his personality and genuine demeanor, we successfully portrayed him as not just a mortgage expert but also a family-oriented individual who could help viewers achieve their dream of owning a home. The result was organic exposure and a deeper connection with his audience, providing a more enjoyable business experience for everyone involved.

Behind the Scenes!

A glimpse behind the camera.

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