Project: Santino Planters

Elevating E-commerce: Santino Planter’s Stylish Self-Watering Pots Website


Web Design + Development
WooCommerce Setup
Stock Photo Curation
Graphic Design


Santino Planters, a flower pot manufacturer specializing in stylish self-watering water pots at an affordable price, approached us with the request to create a fully functional e-commerce website for one of their local subdivisions. Their vision was to showcase all their products, maintain consistent branding and identity, and provide a seamless user experience for purchasing their products. Additionally, they required a user-friendly admin back end to manage orders and customer inquiries. Over the course of a month, we diligently built and launched their website, featuring hundreds of products. The client expressed high satisfaction with the end result, praising the website’s design, functionality, and efficient turnaround time.

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