Project: Sandugash Gallo Jewelry

Global Brilliance: Establishing an International Jeweler’s Online Presence in the United States


Influencer Marketing
Content Strategy
White Background Photography
Creeative Product Photography
Lifestyle Photography
Video Production
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In collaboration with Sandugash Gallo, a talented jewelry designer blending Kazakhstan-inspired ornamental designs into her creations, our photo and video production company embarked on a year-long project to establish her brand in the United States with a professional online presence. Our goal was to showcase her exquisite jewelry collection on beautiful women and influential models, capturing the essence of elegance and luxury.

Throughout the project, we produced a diverse array of visuals to elevate her brand’s appeal. This included pristine white background photography, perfectly suited for her e-commerce store, as well as captivating lifestyle images featuring models adorned with her jewelry in the picturesque outdoor settings of New York City’s desirable neighborhoods. In addition, we crafted professional video content tailored for her social media platforms and seasonal promotional materials to bolster her advertising efforts.

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a high-caliber online presence, positioning Sandugash Gallo as a luxury brand catering to elegant women. Through our collaboration, her brand achieved a significant impact in the U.S. market, capturing the attention of discerning customers and establishing a lasting impression of sophistication and refinement.

White Background Photography

Our aim was to capture multiple angles that showcase the brilliance of each piece. Afterward, we meticulously polished the images in Photoshop to remove any imperfections, ensuring a flawless and captivating first impression for potential viewers online. Additionally, we maintained a consistent image across all online products, presenting Sandugash Gallo Jewelry’s collection in a cohesive and visually stunning manner.

Influencer Marketing / Lifestyle Photography

We focused on maximizing exposure and awareness of Sandugash Gallo Jewelry’s products through strategic collaborations with model influencers, utilizing the power of influencer marketing to benefit both brands.

The key element of our approach was professional lifestyle photography, presenting the jewelry in captivating and engaging contexts. This collaboration led to significant growth in both brands’ online presence, reaching diverse audiences and demographics effectively.

We provided each influencer with a monthly supply of social media content, allowing them to authentically showcase the jewelry in their own unique styles. These visuals also served as valuable marketing assets for promotional use.

As a result, Sandugash Gallo Jewelry was positioned as a luxury brand catering to elegant women, achieving its marketing objectives and widening its reach among potential customers.

Event Photography

Throughout the year, we captured her presence at trade shows and arts exhibitions. These captivating visuals served to showcase her brand, offering a valuable resource for social media, press releases, and marketing endeavors.

Lifestyle Photography

Our lifestyle photography service involved capturing a diverse range of jewelry products being worn by different models, elevating the brand and expanding its reach to a broader audience. By providing women with an actual preview of how the products look in real-life settings, we enhanced the brand’s appeal and fostered stronger connections with potential customers.

Creative Product Photography

Our creative product photography service offered monthly shoots with diverse setups, incorporating props and table-top arrangements. This resulted in a plethora of social media content and marketing materials for our client. Additionally, these captivating images provided potential buyers with an authentic and realistic view of the product’s appearance, enhancing its appeal and boosting sales.

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