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Elevating Brand Demand through Lifestyle Media Production in Saturated E-commerce Drop Shipping


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During the peak of the summer in 2018, we recognized the immense potential of Drop Shipping, a popular method where products are sold on a website but sourced and shipped from other retailers without owning the inventory. Witnessing the prevailing trend of people creating their own product brands on Instagram by reselling cheap knockoffs from AliExpress, we saw an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Instead of merely copying existing content, we decided to differentiate ourselves by identifying the right product, ordering a sample, and conducting a high-value production to give it a premium, high-end appeal. To achieve this, we procured similar products from Amazon, which allowed us to receive them in just two days. Over the course of a week, we meticulously reproduced professional, visually appealing content with a focus on white background images, creative shots, and lifestyle imagery featuring my wife as the model.

Additionally, we created engaging social media content, including Instagram stories and graphics, while building a captivating Instagram profile. Collaborating with various influencers, we successfully promoted our product page and achieved significant orders and sales on our website, effectively capitalizing on the fad and generating favorable results.

Product Research:

During our product research, we made a significant discovery about the puppy-themed jewelry and accessories market. We found that a considerable number of resellers within the niche were inexperienced dropshippers who resorted to using pre-existing content from AliExpress, leading to a flood of identical web templates, images, and product descriptions across different stores. As a consequence, the market had become oversaturated, and sellers were engaged in fierce price competition, resulting in slim profit margins for everyone involved.

However, amidst this challenging landscape, our research also revealed an interesting trend: a surge in demand for puppy-themed jewelry on AliExpress, with thousands of orders being processed every week. Recognizing this as an opportunity, we decided to approach the trend from a fresh perspective before it reached its peak. By delving deep into our audience’s needs and preferences, we developed a truly unique product that managed to stand out and captivate the attention of customers, setting ourselves apart from the sea of generic offerings. Our approach not only enabled us to navigate through the cutthroat competition but also helped establish our brand as a leader within the puppy-themed jewelry and accessories market.


We conducted an in-depth analysis of consumer Instagram profiles, focusing on various puppy-themed jewelry hashtags. Surprisingly, our findings challenged the common perception as we discovered that the predominant buyers were not young girls, but rather middle-aged mothers residing in middle-class suburban areas. This demographic insight proved to be a crucial factor in shaping our product strategy and marketing approach, allowing us to tailor our offerings to meet the preferences and needs of this unexpected but influential customer segment.


We successfully identified the ideal customer demographic, primarily comprising middle-aged mothers from middle-class suburban backgrounds, for our puppy-themed jewelry. To effectively reach this target audience, we strategically employed localized Facebook groups and collaborated with Instagram influencers with under 50k followers who specifically cater to the ‘Mom’ niche. This targeted approach allowed us to resonate with our intended customers, establish meaningful connections, and drive substantial engagement, resulting in a significant boost in sales and brand recognition within our key demographic.


We capitalized on the trending puppy-themed jewelry market by leveraging our production skills to stand out from competitors. To expedite the process, we opted to purchase marked-up versions from Amazon with 2-day shipping, bypassing the 6-week waiting time.

Utilizing a targeted approach, we reached out to numerous ‘mom’ influencers, offering paid shoutouts and posts on Instagram. While not all influencers responded, the ones who did were thrilled to receive compensation for promoting our brand.

With the products in hand, we quickly produced various creative setups and promotional materials, including promo videos. Strategically riding the trendwave, our efforts garnered success, propelling us through September with impressive results.


Content Production

Our content creation service excelled in producing a comprehensive range of social media content tailored for marketing and promotional purposes, utilizing lifestyle visuals to give the brand an authentic appeal while ensuring our images stood out from all the competition.

We crafted engaging Instagram posts, captivating stories, and eye-catching reels that not only captivated the target audience but also showcased the brand’s identity in an authentic and relatable manner. By incorporating unique and attention-grabbing elements into our visuals, we ensured the brand’s content stood out amidst the sea of competitors.

Additionally, our team created a collection of beautiful images curated for the website, elevating the brand’s online presence and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. Through our expertise in content creation and use of lifestyle visuals, we successfully enhanced the brand’s authenticity and strengthened its position in the market, setting it apart from the rest.

Before & After

Revamped product photos by re-photographing low-resolution Aliexpress images against a colorful pastel-paper background for a premium, high-end appeal.

E-Commerce Web Design & Development

We took our content creation service to the next level by incorporating a professional e-commerce shopping website that revolutionized the order and fulfillment process.

Utilizing our own hosting server, we skillfully developed the website on WordPress, sidestepping Shopify’s monthly fees and the risk of extended payment withholding. Leveraging our expertise in WooCommerce, we seamlessly managed all order processes from our computers, removing the need for client interactions or direct involvement with manufacturers.

Clients placed orders, unaware that we never physically possessed the products, as we efficiently routed them to the manufacturers for fulfillment. This streamlined operation ensured a hassle-free experience for both clients and manufacturers, cementing our position as a cutting-edge content creation service and setting us apart from the competition in the e-commerce Drop Shipping web design industry. The website’s quick launch within a single day showcased our prowess in delivering efficient and effective solutions.

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