Project: Mona Lisa Ristorante

Captivating Hearts and Plates: A Valentine’s Day Success Story for Mona Lisa Ristorante


Content Strategy
Video Production
Video Editing


We had the pleasure of working with Mona Lisa Ristorante, a fine Italian restaurant located in Hudson County, New Jersey. They contacted us with a last-minute request to create a captivating Valentine’s Day special, aiming to attract as many patrons as possible.

Upon understanding the main dishes to be featured in the promotion, we scheduled a visit during a non-busy time at the restaurant. During this visit, we produced a quick 30-second romantic promotion for the three-course Valentine’s Day meal, along with a versatile video that could be repurposed for other events and holidays, serving as a regular business promotional content.

To enhance their outreach, we also developed social media versions for Instagram, enabling the restaurant to engage a broader audience and generate excitement for their business. The result was a successful and memorable Valentine’s Day celebration, with an increased number of visitors to the restaurant.

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