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Our client, an upcoming outdoor products company, approached us with a crucial goal – to establish a relatable brand image for their product line. Dissatisfied with their existing visual media assets, which they found to be excessively polished and lacking in effective communication of their product’s value, they sought our expertise. Their goal was to create product explainer videos that were relatable, had a less polished approach, and conveyed an authentic feel.

The Challenge

We were tasked with a two-week deadline to find and cast a family of six residing in a nice, spacious home. Additionally, we were responsible for producing all the media content and delivering it to their marketing team, allowing them a minimum of two days to prepare advertising materials for their highly anticipated once-a-year Black Friday sale.

Finding a Family + Home

We approached the project by immediately starting the casting process to find a family of six with a nice home in the Fort Lauderdale area. We utilized our contacts and posted a casting call on social media. While searching for potential families, we worked on pre-production tasks such as understanding the client’s product, developing a storyline, and gathering props. Facing a mid-week challenge of not finding suitable families, we reached out to a previous client who had a big family and a nice house, despite their busy schedules. They agreed to be part of the project under the condition that we schedule the production for the following weekend when they were available. The situation added additional pressure as we now had to shoot and edit the entire project within a few days. 

Casting Process

Location Scouting

Coaching the Talent

To capture the product talking shots, our talent consisted of non-professional actors. Before the shoot, I spent time with them, opening up the products and discussing how these items would improve their lives as homeowners and overcome common obstacles. Once the talent felt confident and ready, we began filming.

An Unexpected Obstacle

On the day of production, we faced an unexpected challenge. We had planned for a pleasant outdoor shoot, but a thunderstorm disrupted our plans. Since our products were designed for outdoor use, this was a significant setback. However, with quick thinking and a realization about the brand’s message of working smart (as they were called Lazy Pro), I had an idea. What if we set up the tent inside the living room?

Our Approach

Due to the rainy weather, we had to adjust our shooting plans. Instead of filming outdoors, we made the decision to set up the tent indoors and create a designated talking space with Lazy Pro branded merchandise. This strategic move resolved the logistical issue and added a light-hearted, family-friendly vibe to the videos, perfectly aligned with the brand’s identity. It successfully captured the audience’s attention and effectively showcased the products in a cozy indoor setting, evoking relatability and warmth.

During the shoot, our main focus was on reviewing the products, conducting engaging unboxing sessions, and discussing their unique features and challenges. To capture additional footage (b-roll shots), we scheduled a 5AM Monday morning shoot that accommodated the family’s work schedule. Despite the tight timeline, we remained dedicated to meeting the deadline.

As soon as we returned to the studio, our team immediately began video editing to stay on track with the urgent timeline. This allowed us to identify any missing shots and create a list for the Monday shoot. Our ultimate goal was to deliver the completed videos well ahead of the client’s Black Friday sale.


The outcome of the project was exceptionally successful. Not only did we deliver the videos to the client in record time, but they were able to promote them effectively for their upcoming Black Friday sale.

By meeting the client’s deadline, we enabled them to capitalize on the videos’ impact and maximize their marketing efforts during this crucial sales period. The videos showcased the products in a relatable, real-life setting, featuring a humorous and endearing Lazy Pro family.

The heartwarming content resonated with the audience, generating positive engagement and contributing to the client’s overall success during the Black Friday promotion.

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