Project: Hudacko’s Pharmacy

Community Spotlight: Hudacko’s Pharmacy – A Heartwarming Social Media Campaign


Video Editing


In 2020, Hudacko’s Pharmacy in Bayonne, New Jersey, approached us to create a promotional video for their beloved mom and pop pharmacy. Their goal was to run localized social media ads that would convey their authentic, community-focused identity, distinguishing them from corporate franchises. With an influx of new, younger residents from New York active on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it presented an ideal opportunity to reach their target audience. Within a short hour, we filmed a sincere and straightforward video, highlighting their warm and customer-centric approach. The next day, we delivered the final video, enabling them to promptly kickstart their social media advertising campaign.


After the resounding success of our initial promo video, which garnered tens of thousands of views on Facebook, our client, Hudacko’s Pharmacy, approached us again a few months later. They sought to create a new promo video, focusing on their extensive stock of essential supplies and their dedicated contactless medication deliveries to the elderly during the height of the 2020 pandemic. This second video aimed to further solidify their commitment to the community and showcase their vital services amidst challenging times.

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