Project: Grace Ingravallo

Transforming Real Estate Success: A Comprehensive Brand Identity and Lead Generation Campaign


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Web Design + Development
Lifestyle Photography
Facebook Ads Setup
Video Production
Graphic Design
Photo Editing
Video Editing


In 2019, Grace Ingravallo, a professional real estate agent in Hudson County, New Jersey, approached us for a professional lead generation solution. Her goal was to harness the power of social media and digital advertising to attract potential real estate buyers and present herself in a highly professional manner. To achieve this, we focused on creating a strong brand identity that aligned with her ethos, including a professional logo for her marketing materials.

Our collaboration involved detailed discussions to identify her target audience, the specific neighborhoods she was involved in, and the types of real estate properties she sold. By narrowing down her ideal audience, we strategically ran Facebook ads, using a video brush campaign to engage viewers and introduce Grace’s capabilities.

To maximize lead generation, we implemented a series of retargeting ads for those who visited her website but didn’t fill out the lead form. The success of this campaign allowed Grace to benefit from an automated lead generation stream, working for her 24/7 online. As a result, she could focus more on in-person networking activities while strengthening her digital footprint, building her brand, and establishing credibility among local communities and her real estate colleagues. Grace’s satisfaction with the campaign’s results demonstrated the value of our strategic approach and its positive impact on her real estate business.

Brand Identity Design

In the Brand Identity Design phase, we began by learning Grace Ingravallo’s preferred themes and styles. To refine her ideal look and style, we presented three different style scapes for her consideration. She ultimately chose the “Hoboken” Style, and we all agreed upon this direction before proceeding with the actual brand identity work. By doing so, we ensured that the chosen style would serve as a reference for all her future marketing materials, providing a consistent and cohesive representation of her real estate business across various platforms. The result was a highly tailored and effective brand identity that resonated with her target audience and reinforced her credibility in the industry.

Lifestyle Photography

We conducted a captivating photoshoot, capturing Grace in various locations around town. These lifestyle photographs were strategically designed to enhance all her promotional real estate marketing materials, website, and social media presence, presenting her with a polished, professional image that would resonate with her target audience. The result was a cohesive and visually appealing brand representation, strengthening her online presence and elevating her credibility in the competitive real estate market.

Video Production: Lead Magnets

We dedicated a day to filming lead magnet videos in various locations within Grace Ingravallo’s town. The idea was to capture different backgrounds to gauge which videos appealed most to her viewers. Additionally, we crafted a series of retargeting videos to support her 24/7 lead generation efforts through Facebook advertising. These videos showcased Grace’s personality, expertise, and commitment, fostering trust and authenticity with potential customers. The strategic approach aimed to strengthen her online presence, build meaningful connections, and drive consistent lead generation for her real estate business.

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