Project: Ghostwriter

Leveraging Social Media Trends for Massive Brand Exposure


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In the age of artificial intelligence (AI), the power of social media cannot be underestimated. A prime example of this is Ghost Writer, a masked social media figure who used AI music technology to clone Drake’s voice and create a hit song from scratch. The song went viral on social media, appearing on trends and generating massive exposure for Ghost Writer and his brand.

We recognized an opportunity to leverage this viral wave and gain massive exposure for one of our clients: Luxe Autos Miami, a luxury car rental business. We dressed up an actor as Ghost Writer and had him drive around Miami, turning heads and capturing the attention of social media users. The posts received thousands of views, with one even being featured on a local influencer page called @onlyindade.

Simultaneously, Florida was experiencing a gas shortage, with cars stranded in the middle of the street and long lines at the pump. We seized on this trend and combined it with Ghost Writer, capturing even more social media exposure.

This case study demonstrates the power of leveraging social media trends for brand exposure. With the right strategy, businesses can tap into the popularity of viral content and generate buzz for their brand. By combining creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking, Luxe Autos Miami was able to position itself at the forefront of social media trends and gain exposure like never before.

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