Project: Five Park

Maximizing Personal Branding and Marketing Success through Lifestyle Real Estate Videos


Video Production
Stock Footage Curation
Video Editing


Highly successful luxury real estate broker, Arno De Vos, sought our real estate video production expertise for a project that had a clear purpose – to create a professional video of the new upcoming Miami Beach residential development, Five Park.

Arno’s vision was to deliver a captivating walkthrough tour, expertly voicing the development’s amenities and available unit types to address potential viewers and buyers’ questions. Additionally, he aimed to fortify his personal brand through lifestyle coverage, generating media content for YouTube and all social media platforms.

By strategically using the video for email marketing, he successfully notified his subscriber base of the new listing and showcased himself within the development, further establishing credibility and rapport with his audience. The primary objective of this project was twofold – to elevate the marketing exposure of Five Park and to generate valuable leads for Arno’s thriving real estate business.

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