Project: Costanza Realtors

Small Town Success: How a Local Real Estate Brokerage Outperformed Million-Dollar Competitors with Strategic Positioning


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Costanza Realtors, a premier small town real estate brokerage with over 40 years of experience, specializes in multi-family rentals and commercial franchise real estate. They were facing tough competition from major multi-million real estate brokerages like Douglas Elliman while vying for a marketing contract for a new residential development in their city. To make a lasting impression on the developer, they approached Shatravka Media, known for producing cinematic videos for luxury real estate developments.

Understanding the Client:

We delved into understanding every aspect of Costanza Realtors, from their company history to the types of units they’ve dealt with. They started with single-family rentals, gradually moving to multi-family rentals and eventually transitioning into being property owners managing their own properties. Their contributions to the city’s growth were noteworthy, having brought in commercial franchises and played a vital role in developing new residential constructions and public infrastructures, significantly benefiting the community.

The Winning Edge:

Costanza Realtors possessed something their competitors couldn’t buy: a solid reputation and long-standing relationships in the tight-knit town, where trust is paramount. Over the years, they became a household name, showcasing unparalleled success and local expertise. While other companies had substantial financial resources and advanced technology, they lacked the authentic connections that come from being deeply rooted in the community.

The Winning Strategy

With this valuable insight, Shatravka Media devised a marketing deck that effectively highlighted Costanza Realtors’ unique strengths. This presentation earned them a second meeting, and we were flown out the very next day to capture drone footage of their remarkable projects. The result was a compelling brand message video, showcasing their achievements and expertise. Within a rapid turnaround time, the video was edited and handed over to Costanza Realtors for their final meeting with the developer.

The Successful Outcome:

Presenting the brand message video at the decisive meeting proved to be a game-changer. Thanks to our strategic approach and emphasis on their local expertise, Costanza Realtors secured the marketing contract for the new residential development. This project highlights the power of effective positioning and proves that with the right strategy, anything is possible.


Shatravka Media’s marketing strategy for Costanza Realtors exemplifies how leveraging a company’s unique strengths can yield remarkable results. By showcasing their deep roots in the community and decades of successful experience, Costanza Realtors was able to stand out and win against formidable competitors. This case study demonstrates the importance of understanding and positioning a brand effectively in the market to achieve success.

Brand Message
Video Production

As part of the project, we included a brand message video on the website, offering new visitors a quick introduction to Aiya and the solutions she provides to her clients. The video provided a glimpse into her personality and expertise, enabling her to connect with a wider audience and send introductory emails to potential clients. This video played a crucial role in enhancing her online presence and making meaningful connections with prospective clients.

Behind the Scenes!

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