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Web Transformation: Empowering a Local Hair Salon Through Strategic Lifestyle Content


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We recently collaborated with a highly experienced hair stylist who had built a thriving referral-based career spanning two decades. In pursuit of his dream, he opened an impressive hair salon encompassing 5,000 square feet with 20 ft ceilings, boasting an exquisite interior and a sophisticated atmosphere.

However, the reality of managing a retail business brought forth challenges in terms of overhead costs such as rent, utilities, insurance, and employee payroll. Realizing the limitations of relying solely on foot traffic and existing referrals, our client sought a solution to attract a broader customer base, particularly online, aiming to establish themselves as the go-to choice for individuals searching for Hair Salon Services on Google.

To overcome this hurdle, we developed a comprehensive strategy to elevate their online presence and enhance customer acquisition, leveraging digital marketing techniques to position their salon at the forefront of online searches and establish a formidable web presence.

Immersive Promo Video:

Unveiling the Cast Hair Salon Experience.

Our Approach:

During our assessment of his online presence, we discovered significant gaps in our client’s Google page, particularly the absence of crucial information such as interior photos of the salon. Despite investing substantially in the salon’s stunning interior design, it was not effectively showcased on Google. To address this, we proposed the inclusion of captivating interior photos on the Google page to entice a larger audience to visit.

Additionally, we advised our client to encourage every customer to leave a review, strategically placing a sign in the waiting area and incentivizing reviews with complimentary beverages. These measures aimed to enhance the salon’s visibility on Google, resulting in higher rankings within search results.

To provide potential customers with a comprehensive understanding of the salon’s offerings, we recommended listing services for hair cutting, styling, and pricing. Furthermore, we seized the opportunity to optimize our client’s Google Maps listing by adding a virtual 3D tour of the salon. This addition not only aligned with Google’s emphasis on this type of content but also granted potential customers an immersive preview of the salon’s ambiance prior to their arrival.

Lifestyle Photography

During our analysis, we identified a lack of brand consistency across our client’s business, Google page, and website. To address this issue, we recommended updating the website to ensure a cohesive web presence across all social media platforms and directories. To attract potential customers, we advised incorporating photos of our client actively engaged with customers in the newly established salon, showcasing the exceptional customer experience.

Web Production

As part of our strategy, we proposed updating the website and conducting a lifestyle production featuring local influencers to highlight the salon’s services and amenities. We carefully selected influencers who aligned with the target audience’s style and had them participate in a photoshoot and promo video, showcasing their experience at the salon. This approach aimed to enhance credibility and social proof for the salon’s capabilities.

By involving local influencers, we not only leveraged their stories to reach their followers but also encouraged them to leave reviews, creating an additional avenue for salon advertising. To engage potential influencers, we utilized Facebook groups, posting a digital bulletin that reached thousands of local models and actors within the Miami community. After assembling our cast, we developed a story outline and identified key features and moments to highlight in the promo video.


Within one week, we completed the editing process, resulting in a fresh and visually appealing website that showcased the salon’s capabilities, pricing, and provided potential customers with a glimpse into the salon experience. Crucially, we incorporated a clickable button for easy appointment scheduling. This successful production added to our accomplishments, boosting the salon’s overall marketing efforts.

Social Media Content

In addition, we provided our client with professionally edited camera stills photos suitable for social media and marketing materials. These versatile images could be repurposed for various promotional campaigns, allowing our client to maximize their value in different marketing efforts for their business, and saving costs from having to hire photographers again.

Web Design + Development

All of the carefully curated media content was seamlessly integrated into a captivating website landing page, showcasing the essence of the business, its capabilities, and the exceptional services offered. The website design exuded professionalism and conveyed a sense of high value. A prominent and user-friendly appointment booking button was strategically placed for convenient access, ensuring a seamless customer experience. Overall, the website effectively communicated the business’s unique offerings, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and solidifying its reputation as a top-tier establishment.

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