Project: Candy Cat USA

Global to Local: Establishing Candy Cat’s Professional Online Presence and Compelling Video Pitch Deck for Retail Lease Success in the USA


Web Design
Video Editing
Graphic Design


In this case study, we showcase how our web design company partnered with Candy Cat, a successful international franchise candy store for kids, to facilitate their expansion into the competitive USA market. Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence to attract potential investors and landlords, our team worked diligently to create a professional and visually engaging landing page. This landing page served as a virtual storefront, reflecting Candy Cat’s brand identity and showcasing their unique offerings, thus establishing a credible and enticing online presence.

To further bolster their efforts in securing retail leases, we conceptualized and produced a compelling one-minute pitch deck video. This video succinctly captured the essence and charm of Candy Cat’s brand, emphasizing its value proposition and the positive impact it would bring to shopping centers. Tailored to impress potential malls and landlords, this video presented a powerful combination of visuals, captivating content, and persuasive messaging.

By employing our expertise in web design and video production, we successfully helped Candy Cat bridge the gap between their international success and local aspirations in the USA. The collaboration resulted in a seamless integration of their global reputation and the specific requirements of the American market, ultimately positioning Candy Cat as an attractive prospect for retail leases and unlocking new opportunities for expansion.

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