Project: Batman of Real Estate

From Gotham to Miami: A Hero’s Journey in Luxury Real Estate


Video Editing


In 2021, my friend Mikhail Mudrik, a luxury real estate agent, invited me to Miami for a week to create engaging luxury real estate content. Towards the end of our collaboration, we embarked on a creative project to merge his past success as an actor on Gotham, where he portrayed Batman, with his Miami real estate career. Our concept involved editing the television ending, transitioning him from standing on a building to riding a motorcycle in Brickell Miami at night, symbolizing his journey to save a new city through his real estate endeavors.

This imaginative and distinctive video served as a captivating introduction to his new venture and added a creative touch to his personal brand as a luxury real estate agent. Our aim was to break away from the typical and repetitive real estate videos, offering something unique that would turn heads on social media and create awareness. True to our vision, the video garnered attention and successfully set him apart in the competitive world of real estate marketing.

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Behind the Scenes!

A  glimpse behind the camera.

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