Project: Astrumlife

Revitalizing Pain Relief: Astrumlife’s Journey into the Online Market


Audience Disocvery
Brand Identity Design
White Background Photography
Stock Photo Curation
Web Design + Development
Graphic Design
Photo Editing


Overview: Astrumlife is a renowned pain relief cream that originally targeted the elderly in the Russian-speaking New York markets during the late 90s and early 2000s.

The client approached us with the vision of expanding into the online market to create a new revenue stream and to have better control over their sales metrics. They also wanted a modern and professional web presence that would appeal not only to the elderly but also to individuals in their 50s, portraying the cream as a solution for a pain relief adventurous lifestyle.

Our approach to this project involved developing a user-friendly e-commerce platform, integrating advanced analytics for data-driven insights, and revitalizing the brand identity. The successful launch of Astrumlife’s online sales platform resulted in increased business growth, a broader customer base, and the ability to make informed marketing decisions based on valuable customer insights.

Product Reshoot (Before & After)

Former Website (Before)

Web Design Overhaul (After)

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