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Luxury Living: Premium Video for Ultra Luxury Listing in New York


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We partnered with Gennady Perepda, owner of One & Only Realty, a luxury real estate company for wealthy clients with properties worth over 10 million dollars. Our goal was to showcase the luxurious lifestyle and build trust for their latest property, 443 Greenwich Street, known as the paparazzi-proof building in Tribeca.

Our expert team combined professional media content with captivating lifestyle elements, presenting the unique features and creating a compelling story for affluent individuals seeking luxury living. Through high-quality photos, immersive videos, and a special property tour with Mr. Perepda, we presented the allure and exclusive lifestyle, building a strong personal brand beyond a simple sale.

The strategic distribution on trusted platforms like the MLS and social media reached a global audience, boosting One & Only Realty’s credibility as a top luxury real estate company. The result was an outstanding presentation of 443 Greenwich Street, setting new industry standards and showcasing the power of professional media content with lifestyle elements, capturing attention, and building lasting trust in the luxury real estate market.

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Real Estate  Photography

Our comprehensive real estate photography service for Ultra Luxury properties was designed to optimize search engine visibility and enhance the property’s online presence. By meticulously capturing every angle of the extraordinary listing, we provided potential buyers with visually stunning images that truly portrayed their dream home. This not only sparked strong desires and heightened curiosity but also generated increased interest, leading to more viewings and facilitating faster property appointment inquiries in the highly competitive luxury real estate market.

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