Project: 400 Sunny Isles

Luxury Unveiled: Showcasing the Lavish Duplex Penthouse in Sunny Isles Beach


Drone Videography
Video Editing


We partnered with Daniel Tzinker and Mikhail Mudrik, esteemed real estate advisors from The Agency, we undertook a compelling project to showcase a luxurious duplex penthouse listing in Sunny Isles Beach, valued at $2 million.

Employing captivating drone video content, we showcased the property’s breathtaking views and opulent environment both day and night, strategically leveraging social media to elevate their personal brand. The content generated significant attention and attracted potential buyers, leading to scheduled property viewings.

To further strengthen their brand presence, we curated cinematic Instagram reels, seamlessly blending professional real estate footage with engaging lifestyle content of Daniel and Mikhail touring the property. We continued the immersive experience into the evening, capturing a romantic sunset with Daniel and his wife, effectively engaging their Instagram audience and organically amplifying exposure across social media platforms.

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