Project: 240 Riverside Blvd

A Sneak Peek into the Billionaire’s Haven – An Exclusive Preview of Ultra Luxury Real Estate


Real Estate Videography
Drone Videography
Video Editing


Our collaboration with Gennady Perepda, owner of One & Only Realty, involved creating a captivating teaser video to entice potential buyers for his newest listing – a remarkable $38 million NYC triplex overlooking the West Side Highway. This teaser served as an exclusive preview, intended to pique the interest of a select group of individuals from his private list.

The teaser showcased glimpses of the triplex’s breathtaking Manhattan West Side Skyline views and featured lifestyle moments on the Terrace amenities, generating excitement and intrigue among the targeted audience. By offering this exclusive sneak peek, Mr. Perepda aimed to gauge the interest and demand for the property before committing to a larger-scale production.

With the teaser distributed strategically to his private list of esteemed contacts, Gennady Perepda sought to generate anticipation and build momentum for the official unveiling of the property. The purpose of this approach was to ensure that the big production investment would be focused on engaging those who have demonstrated genuine interest and potential in acquiring this ultra-luxury triplex.

By employing this strategy, Mr. Perepda was able to create a sense of exclusivity and desirability around the property, setting the stage for a successful launch and securing interest from serious buyers within his private network.

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