Project: 200 Amsterdam Ave

Captivating Luxury Living: Showcasing the $38 Million Amsterdam Ave Ultra Luxury Penthouse


Real Estate Videography
Drone Videography
Video Editing


Our collaboration with Gennady Perepda, owner of One & Only Realty, focused on showcasing the lavish lifestyle and building trust for their latest project – the $38 million dollar 200 Amsterdam Ave Ultra Luxury Penthouse duplex, offering breathtaking Manhattan West Side Skyline views.

Through premium media content, including high-quality photos, immersive videos, and an exclusive property tour with Mr. Perepda, we highlighted the property’s allure and exclusivity.

Our strategic distribution on trusted platforms resulted in extensive global exposure, elevating One & Only Realty’s credibility as a top luxury real estate company.

The success of this exceptional presentation demonstrates the powerful impact of professional media content blended with lifestyle elements, effectively capturing attention and fostering lasting trust within the luxury real estate market.

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