Arno De Vos, Real Estate Broker

“Video content Is really really powerful.

The big surprise to me was the moment when you turn a camera on yourself. Everybody thinks they can be really comfortable and enjoy it and look comfortable on camera. It’s really not the case.

When you’re selecting a video crew, it’s extremely important that you work with people that make you feel calm in an environment where you really don’t have a lot of time, there’s things you can’t control, and you just got to stay cool, calm and collected. And Michael and his crew absolutely do that.

So Super Media Production, they look at it for different platforms, and they create different content that works best for that. So it’s not just a question of creating one piece. It only exponentially magnifies the amount of content you have to push out there. And it’s also that flexibilityand willingness to kind of think outside the box and come up with those ideas and execute on them as well. The experience is a pleasure.

My name is Arno De Vos, I’m a broker associate with Cervera Real Estate in Miami Florida. 100% I would recommend Michael and his team at
Super Media Production!”